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The Hitman’s Guide To Housecleaning — H. Helgason

Впечатление: ★★★★☆
Автор «101 Рейкьявик» зарелизил еще одно крутейшее произведение, которое я прочитал год назад. Теперь пришло время осилить его на английском. Искрометный юмор, отличный слог, оригинальный сюжетец… К слову, «The Hitman’s Guide to Housecleaning» — это первая книга Хельгасона, написанная на английском языке. Так что даже не зная исландского, мне наконец-то удалось полноценно прощупать авторский стиль в оригинале.


• When she walks down the street I can hear her breasts moving about Jug-jug, jug-jug. My favorite sound in America.

• What makes my Munita Bonita perfect for me is the fact that her family is dead. There is no mother in-law, no brother in-law, no Thanksgiving dinners, kids’ birthday parties, or weddings to attend, which would mean standing unprotected out on some stupid lawn, in the screaming sunshine, with fifty people at your back.

• The driver had a problem with the fact that my clothes were all wet, but I took out my gun and dried them in an instant.

• People stare at me like I was carrying Saddam’s balls in my bag.

• Like my hometown, this city seems to have a split personality: a historical center with hysterical suburbs.

• I try to dive into the downtown area, but it’s only three blocks square. It’s easier to lose it than get lost in it.

• If we had gay nations, there would be less wars.

• The beer makes my brain swim inside my head, like a whale trapped in an undersized aquarium.

• I’m a Croatian Catholic. There’s nothing religious about that. It only means you go to church two times in your life. When you marry and when you die.

• Wartime poses questions that peacetime cannot answer.

• I get pregnant with laughter.

• The Man from the Black Sea underscores his origins with a black sweater, black beard, black hair, and black brows over a pair of blackberries. He seems to be for all things black.

• “I love you.” “Me…me, too.” It might not be grammatically perfect, but she gets the meaning and we kiss.

• We sat down for a coffee, and she added some tears to her latte.

• War kills everybody, including the ones who live.

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